I am sure nobody else can do  what Logibec does...  I lost more than a year trying five language schools before finally finding your school...  Had I known..........

Dennis Talbot,  Toronto


The Logibec’s ability to render accessible to the ‘‘masses’’ the seemingly elusive phonetics and grammar of the French language must be loudly applauded. (...)  My comprehension and ‘‘expression orale’’ doubled due to the course.  

Patricia Filteau,  Washington D.C.

I have found it by far the most effective way in helping me improve my comprehension of spoken French.

Ken Page, British Columbia

I had never seen phonetics and grammar presented in such a coherent, intelligent fashion.  Now I have the tools for self learning.

Iris Bradley,  Ottawa

After many months of language training, I reached the point where further progress stalled.  Logibec accelerated the learning curve and helped me overcome that barrier.  The methods are innovative and challenging.

Charles Reynolds,  Ottawa

The Logibec approach expanded not only my knowledge and pronunciation of French but also my confidence in being able to survive in almost any situation in my second language.  ...Oh yeah, I achieved a C level in the oral interview.

Susan Hachey,  Nova Scotia

I believe your techniques will set the standard of French language training in the future.  I learned more in two weeks than....

Richard A. Bergman,  Manitoba

Parce qu’elle répond au besoins individuels des étudiants, la formation Logibec est l’une des meilleures pour l’apprentissage du français, sinon LA meilleure.

Amanda Cliff, Ottawa

Being a true debutante...(...) I have reached my goal for the level ‘’C’’ in less than 5 months of training compared to the estimated year (and often considerably more) for other systems.  Your system is very effective, simplified, intersting for the students, but considerably more cost effective for the department.

Laureen Kinney, British Columbia

Dear Michel,

I would like to formally thank you for one of the best experiences in my life during my 5 months with you.  I had heard so many stories from friends at work that the process of learning spoken French would be slow and painful.  The standard expected for the federal government level ‘’C’’ seemed not only incredibly difficult but also poorly uunderstood by most participants.  Fortunately, through the recommendation of some of your previous students, I found your school.  It was readily apparent that you have made a lifelong study of the roadblocks and hazards of learning spoken French and developed special methods for your students to address each different type of problem. The fundamental idea that speaking French is a practical, physical skill that must be learned by doing seems so obvious now.  I would encourage anyone else to start their studies with the Logibec and follow up afterwards (if necessary) to polish reading and writing skills.

Being a true debutante, in that I could only speak two words in French, ‘‘Bonjour’’ and ‘‘Merci’’ and never having received any formal training in French, your very special approach to teaching the spoken language in a fashion similar to the natural way that infants and children learn was clear, simple and successful..  I had no doubt during the course that I could in fact, with your system, speak a high quality French in the shortest possible period of time and almost more importantly, that I could pass the federal government exam, if not the first time due to nervousness, certainly the second time.  As it happened, I passed the first time and can attribute this completely to the method of instruction and development of communication skills in French rather than just vocabulary and formal grammar rules.  With the short cuts you teach, and your emphasis on the ability to truly hear and understand francophones, I believe I was ahead of most other schools with just 2 months of training.  To have reached my goal for the level ‘’C’’ in less than 5 months of training compared to the estimated year (and often considerably more) for other systems was a wonderful bonus.  Your attention to the special difficulties of using communication skills in a second language was essential to that success.  The small classes and personalized learning plan are obviously a critical factor in your success.

I think, as a federal government employee, your system of using the culture of Quebec as course material is a major bonus.  Our visits to museums, historic sites, films and special events as well as living with a francophone family all contributed interesting and memorable sources of vocabulary and commonly used expressions. It speeded the learning process immensely and made the necessary drudgery of learning more interesting, easier, and at the same time, gave me an opportunity to learn more about the beautiful and historic sites of Quebec City.

Anyone interested in learning to speak and understand French in the most efficient way possible should go directly to you.  Certainly, I will be encouraging anyone in my department to attend your school.  Please feel free to use my letter in your publications or references for prospective students as I am completely confident that your system is very effective, simplified, and interesting for the students, but considerably more cost effective for any departments.  I would be more than happy to speak persomally with anyone you care to refer as to the benefits and advantages of your approach.

Yours sincerely

Laureen Kinney


French in 30 days

¥Michael Binnion  CEO of Questerre Energy Corporation

I learned French in 30 days. Well not really. It’s probably fairer to say I’m still trying to perfect my English.  Over two years ago I embarked on a tour of Quebec to give translated presentations on our industry to what was then quite a hostile population.  Unexpectedly these presentations, while emotionally draining, were surprisingly effective.  It made me realize, it was more important for people to hear from someone who knew and could communicate the nuances of the industry, than someone who knew French.  However, it was just as clear it would be better to have both.

It takes over twenty years of education and experience to understand the many nuances of the several different domains of our industry.  However, I thought learning French might not take as long.  So over the last two years I have found on weekends and vacations 30 days to take French lessons in Quebec.  It’s obvious to anyone who listens my French is still a major work in progress.

Nonetheless, I have managed a few reasonably serious presentations in French in Quebec.  (I am used to opponents not believing a word I say so here is a link to my presentation at forum énergie in Montreal). Loyal fans like my wife, children, employees and Pierre Boivin might not agree but these presentations have been far from my best.  Nonetheless, they were good enough to convince some Québécois they could speak to me in French.  I mention Pierre Boivin not because he is one of my dearest friends. Rather because he introduced me to Logibec.

It is every day heroes who most easily bring tears to my eyes. People like my Grandparents who homesteaded and helped build Alberta. People like the Logibec family who devote themselves to teaching Anglos like me French.  Michel, Hugette together with their daughter Amelie have dedicated themselves to the idea that being able to talk to each other is fundamental to truly understanding each other. Plus that understanding each other is fundamental to Canada working well together.

While not peer reviewed experts, they should be. They studied, discovered and created the best processes to learn spoken French. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 30 days of lessons at Logibec and look forward to more.

I hope you will follow the link and listen to my speech. It really is in French so you might not learn a lot about Quebec Energy policy (unless you are reading the French version of this blog).  However, perhaps you will be impressed with what 30 days of lessons at Logibec combined with some motivation can do.

As I said I am still perfecting my English so just in case my message isn’t clear.  What I am trying to say is, if you want to learn French you should contact Logibec at http://www.logibec-ilaq.com/logibec-ilaq.com/welcome_bienvenue.html or 418 681-4727.

Dear Michel,

I wanted to write to thank you and the LOGIBEC team for the excellent training you provided during my recent two week language immersion program in Quebec.  Although the training I had taken in Alberta had given me a good base I believe that LOGIBEC’s approach to preparing for the oral test was key to me receiving my «C» level on the first attempt.

I would give a good deal of the credit for my success to two aspects of my LOGIBEC experience. Firstly, the immersion experience itself is a wonderful preparation for the test.  After living completely in French for two weeks the test itself was really just another conversation in my second language rather than an unusual and highly stressful exception.  Secondly, LOGIBEC’s approach to preparing for the test by focusing on oral communication combined with your extraordinary team of instructors allowed me to make a tremendous improvement in relatively short time.

I wouls highly recommend LOGIBEC to other federal public servants seeking to improve their French language oral communication skills.  Thank you again and best wishes to you and your colleagues in the future.

Jim Saunderson

Avec le code de Logibec, j?ai gagné toute la confiance nécessaire pour
atteindre le niveau C. Que dire de plus qu'aprPs trois écoles de langues
différentes et huit mois perdus, j'ai découvert que le programme de chez
Michel et Huguette offre la formation essentielle aux fonctionnaires
anglophones qui travaillent au gouvernement du Canada. Si j'avais su ce
que je sais aujourd?hui, j'aurais commencé chez Logibec. Je recommande
Logibec, sans réserve, pour tous vos besoins linguistiques.


Greg MacDougall

Dear Michel,

To expedite this email and to know that I am clear, I will write this in English.


First of all, your comments are too kind. It is I who thanks you for the wonderful learning experience you provided for me.


In reflecting on my experience at Logibec I can say this:

¥You have helped me fall in love with the French language all over again!

¥In the evenings after a day at Logibec I would listen to lots of different native speakers and notice that they spoke the way that I was learning! My last few days in Quebec were in different towns and no matter the speaker it was always a revelation to me that they spoke the way I had learned at Logibec.

¥Now I have started watching French TV here (we have one French channel) and also Radio (we have one French channel) and especially on TV I can hear  things in a way I've never heard before. This awareness enables me to reflect this language when I talk French.

¥I sincerely appreciate the MP3 player that I received from the school. It is of great practical use and also it is a concrete reminder of my positive experience at Logibec. Thank you very much!

¥I have a certificate and experience in teaching English as a foreign language. I also have the experience of learning French, German and Cree. So I entered Logibec with a certain amount of reservation and low expectations.  At the same time I told myself to be completely open to the experience. Right from the beginning I was impressed with the style of teaching and the commitment to learning. Logibec has something that no other school seems to have i.e a focus on the oral language which often lacks at other schools.

¥Because I pay for the school myself and I receive no funds from my workplace or elsewhere, I really appreciate the fact that Logibec is less espensive than other schools who appear to have to pay for more overhead.

¥Thanks for making it easy and simple for me to register, for the prompt friendly and helpful emails before my trip, for picking me up the first day at my homestay, for the welcome smiles, the nice touches such as stones, shells and flowers, for the accompaniment during breaks and meals, and for the atmosphere of warmth, hard work and trust.

I'm looking forward to my next time at Logibec. In the mean time you can be sure that I am already promoting Logibec among my friends, acquaintenances, and also my colleagues in the federal public service.


Sincerely and with amitié, and greetings to all staff at Logibec,

Colleen Gerwing

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Salut Michel et Huguette, j'espere que tout va bien?


Ce matin, j'ai commande un clavier en francais, car selon la Commission de la fonction publique, je suis bilingue - ou, on peut aussi dire, le niveau "C" !   Voila la preuve que le "Code" marche tres bien!

 Je vous remercie pour tous vos conseils et l'aide pour me preparer pendant les quatres dernieres semaines. 

SVP, faire mes salutations et dire merci a tous les professeures.

Huguette et Michel,


Just a short note to thank you for helping me to obtain my level C in French.  I am convinced that this is because of your very unique approach and specialized methodology to teaching French as a second language.  I learned faster and more from you as to what it takes to success than from the larger and better known language schools. Moreover, you customized your program to suit my needs and your instructors are the best I've encountered 


Rod Giles

Michel et Hugette

Talk about being thrown in the deep end of the language pool !   That was my fear as I headed to Quebec City not long ago enroute to this small school called Logibec.   What I encountered from the first moment was truly one of the most fulfilling and indeed rewarding while challenging experiences I have ever had as a person and a professional.  I have often marveled at the ability of the team there to take this mere mortal Anglophone with some prior knowledge of French and lots of bad habits, place him in a total immersion setting and guide him through one of the most invigorating experiences of a lifetime.   They most certainly have patience and a very fine sense of humour ! The challenges were real and significant, there was lots of sweat and some frustration but it was enjoyable and memorable.  The processes used, the techniques and tricks that were practiced and soon mastered led to success in a very short period of time.  This continues to this day.  Michel, Huguette and the team are professionals but in reality they have a team of about 600,000 !  The experience at Logibec extends far beyond the classroom.  Indeed, while formative, the classroom was really just the launch pad for the real journey – the experience of the culture, the people and the place !  The family I stayed with was exceptional, warm, understanding and very patient.  But each person on the street, each waitress in a restaurant, each proprietor of a store assisted in the quest to learn a new language, a culture and the associated freedom.  And from time to time they got a good laugh too as I stumbled along.  One cannot forget the other students, all of whom were in similar situations.  Even those who were more proficient in their knowledge of French were challenged by the team to achieve in a safe and adventuresome way.  This is a great team, a marvelous experience and one I am preparing to return to for my next challenge.  And most certainly it will be one of the highlights of my life !

 Bonne chance !  A la prochaine !

John D. Neily


I spent approximately 3 months at Logibec, with the goal of upgrading my oral capacity in French from 'B' level to 'C' level. My experiences in attaining a higher level of French were at times frustrating, rewarding, stimulating, and exhausting. However, accepting the Logibec method and treating my goal as a communications exercise truly made a difference. All of the teachers at Logibec were sincerely motivated to enable the students to succeed and residing with a French family associated with the school consistently reinforced the progress made during the school day. Logibec also gave me the strategies I felt were necessary to succeed. I have no hesitation in recommending Logibec to others who are interested in enhancing their French communication abilities.

Dave Wartman

My Situation:

As a civil servant, I sought a level "C" in oral French as evaluated by the Canadian Federal Public Service. I had taken the test on three occasions Dec 2006, Jan 2007 and Feb 2007 but did not attain the level.

Logibec was recommended to me by a friend of a friend

I spent three weeks at the Logibec- ILAQ school in Quebec City. Great experience!

Why were they better?

Many reasons!

1. Small school with professional teachers that are truly interested in your success.

2. Insist that you follow "The Code" of Logibec

3. Ask you to put away the paper and pencil and use your ears and mouth ( how else, they say, do you converse?)

4. Record the new words and expressions daily so that they are available for your review (take a portable cassette player if you can to use if you walk in the evenings)

5. Advise you to repeat to yourself the conversation of others, ( trains the mouth and improves your listening skills)

6. Encourages (some would say"Insists") you to circulate in the nearby community using your language skills- takes courage and effort but improves your confidence, Community is very receptive to your efforts)

7. Provides great feedback on your areas that need improvement and will work with you on them.

8. Other students were very helpful in encouraging buy-in to "The Code"

9. Arranges for families that will provide good accomodation and that extra immersion experience.

10. Tolerated me as I encouraged (they might say "Pestered: :-)) them to share the secret of Logibec with others by getting the word out to others who were having trouble attaining the desired level.

Having now attained my desired level, I would like to encourage you to consider Logibec and they will be able to help you as they have helped me


Robert (Bob) Brewer

Bonjour Michel,

I just wanted to let you know I passed my oral exam the other day and got my level. I just want to thank you and everyone at Logibec for all the help you gave me while I was in Quebec. I know I would not have passed the test without all the special help I received at your school.

I was actually blown away when I went back to my old school last week for three days, and saw how differently they taught French and worked with the students.
During those three days last week, I really gained a new appreciation on just how hard all the instructors at Logibec work each day with the students and how difficult it must be. Your school is something really special, and I feel fortunate that I had an opportunity to spend some time there.

Thanks again for everything.


Steve Nimmo

Bonjour Chere Huguette et cher Michel 


I must tell you that the time I spent with you was one of the best experiences of my life.I attended  your school twice in 2005, once for 2 weeks and then later that year for 3 months. I had attended French language training with the Public Service Commission for 8 months prior to attending your school and it was not a good experience.


Initially it took me a while to accept "the code", as I was so accustomed to writing everything down. It was indeed foreign to me to be encouraged to listen and repeat rather than write. Without a doubt, the cassettes used for evening practice and repetition were the key to my success. It's interesting that children first learn to speak before ever learning to read or write; and yet as adults we try to learn a second language by doing all three together. Similar to children learning a language, I appreciated the respectful corrections you and your teachers made after we finished speaking. And then these corrections were reinforced for practice on the cassettes.


You clearly are quite "choosy" about hiring only those teachers who abide by your teaching methods. I believe that is why your school is so successful and appreciated by all those who attend. Every one of my colleagues who have attended your school, speak well of their experiences at Logibec. 


Teacher led excursions throughout your beautiful Quebec City, to the museums, to theatres and to movies permitted us "students" to learn much about your architecture, culture and the charming hospitality of the French people. The guided tours in old Quebec were enlightening and quite enjoyable. One weekend several of us "students" journeyed north of the city and took a couple of tours, in French, that were immensely enjoyable. I've done much travelling across Canada with my job and my time in Quebec City causes me to believe it is the most beautiful and friendly city in Canada. There is so much history in your city and in Old Quebec people are so happy to answer questions.


As I waltz into the retirement sunset, I thank you so very much for helping me learn about your city and most importantly for fostering my love of the French language and culture. I'm a little rusty at the moment, from lack of use; however, I do listen to Radio Canada fairly frequently and in the winters, I do plan to do some maintenance of the language on my own.


You have my absolute permission to use all or part of my message to encourage others to come to your school. I can assure them that it will be a rewarding experience, both academically and culturally.


May God bless  you with good health and many more years with Logibec!


Anne Marie Long, C.G.A.

...and hundreds more           

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